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The PISA results show that students in the United States are at the OECD average, and this is portrayed by the media as being bad. I think being at the average is good; I expected the United States to be much worse. The USA is a large diverse country, and comparisons with Finland and Singapore are unfair.


A lesbian waitress got attention and money for receiving a “hateful” message on a receipt, and we learn that the receipt was fake. A mother in Massachusetts wrote a racist message on her own house, and her son’s school blamed the football team and canceled the team’s remaining games. Why the hoaxes? Are they looking for sympathy?


Crappy or otherwise, ObamaCare is permanent. We will have to adjust to this reality as best as we can.


No criticism of Nelson Mandela will be tolerated. He will be made a saint. Anyone who criticizes him will be demonized as a racist. For the record, I like Nelson Mandela – and I disagree with his Communist ideology. I know how to respect people who have opinions that differ from mine. I think Mandela’s idea of a South Africa in which all racial groups achieve the same level of economic prosperity is very far off; it might not be possible.