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New York Times: New Orleans Restaurant Scene Rises, Reflecting a Richer New Orleans

“Though the city has fewer people than it did before Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, it has 70 percent more restaurants…”

No surprise, because “…the city lost many of its poor families…”

Poor families are completely irrelevant to the new restaurants. And no, those poor people would not have been employed by these chic places. White people from other states are moving to New Orleans to take jobs as bartenders and waitstaff.

“One big question is whether the city’s newfound prosperity will stick or slip away as the rebuilding activity tapers off. The city still lags in education and employment for some segments of the population, particularly black men.”

The NYT does not understand. New Orleans is two cities, and the two main segments of the population rarely intersect. Black men are irrelevant to the new restaurant scene. Even the NYT could not find diversity to include in its slideshow. In the New Orleans social and economic scene, white people and black people are in different worlds.