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Lion of the Blogosphere just wrote about autonomous cars, and I remembered that I have much to say about this.

These are the big changes that self-driving cars will bring to society:

1. The lives of most teenagers will be much better. Right now they sit in their homes until someone with a car and license takes them out. The teenagers will no longer have to schedule their lives around the availability and generosity of other licensed drivers (usually their parents).

2. The drinking age can be lowered because drunk driving will be non-existent. (Remember, the United States raised the drinking age to 21 because too many young drivers were driving drunk.) The police can stop doing those OWI checkpoints, which means that fewer people will be in jail.

3. Illegal drug dealing will be much easier and safer. Police (in their own autonomous car) will no longer be able to follow a suspicious driver looking for probable cause to make a stop. In fact, the drug dealer need not be in the car at all. The drugs can be placed in the car and delivered to the customer, and the customer can leave payment in the car. (Or maybe the customer pays first.)

4. Jurisdictions that depend on speeding tickets for revenue will have to make some changes.

5. Hackers will cause huge traffic problems.

6. Blind people, the elderly, the disabled, the mildly retarded, and others will be liberated.

7. We will still need mass transit.

I’m ready. I am tired of driving everyday.