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Der Spiegel: Part 1 – India’s Child Slavery Scourge
Der Spiegel: Part 2 – Confessions of a Child Traficker
Der Spiegel: Photo Gallery – The Lost Children of Bangalore

Most of the slaves are low-caste girls, sold by their own families. They work in private homes and brothels. Some of them are runaways who are caught by slavers. A few get rescued by aid organizations. This problem will never be solved. India has too many people in poverty, and they keep reproducing irresponsibly.

Indian slums are not as murderous as ghettos in the United States, but overall India is still shockingly violent. The public only recently decided to get outraged at the frequency and brutality of rape. Maybe in a few years Indians will protest the enslavement of children.

The photo gallery shows the real Bangalore; Photo #10 shows a typical Bangalore street, which is much cleaner than an average street in India.

Bangalore is very rich, and rich Bangaloreans have their own private neighborhoods where they can avoid the filth of the masses. The rich can do this because the Indian government has no way of dumping a Section 8 tower in the middle, and the concept of “residential diversity” has not yet entered Indian society. “Diversity” in university admissions (quotas for low-caste people) is the law of the land, so residential diversity may come soon.