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New York Times: Chicago City Council Reluctantly Ends Gun Registry

All shootings in Chicago will be blamed on the end of the gun registry.

New York Times: A University Band, Chastened by Hazing, Makes its Return

Florida A & M University, Tallahassee

“Nearly two years after the death of Robert Champion, a drum major who was beaten to death by fellow band members in a hazing ritual…”

The guy was beaten, kicked, and hit with instruments so many times that he died “hemmorhagic shock caused by blunt-force trauma.” I have no problem with hazing rituals. Beating someone to death is not hazing; it is usually called murder.

Telegraph: Victory for French naturists as naked rambler scores court victory

Nude hiking on public land is legal in France. The court makes a distinction between simply being naked outdoors and sexual exhibitionism. “Naturists” in Europe are becoming politically active. I expect to see more exposure in the next few years.

BBC News: ‘I drowned my daughter in a rage’

Father wanted a son, not another daughter. He threw the baby girl into a river. This particular murder happened in Pakistan, but this also happens in India frequently.

BBC News: The high-earning butlers of Dubai

Wealthy Arabs show-off with British butlers. Filipino staff are for ordinary people.