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Telegraph: Transgender man gives birth in Germany

“Although the father has been taking hormone replacement therapies for years he elected to retain the reproductive organs of a woman.”


“Because he physically gave birth to the child the unidentified man is seen as the mother, however by law he is recognised as a man.”

Remember the 1990 film Kindergarten Cop? Here is some transphobic bigotry from that era:

The movie clip above reminded me of something else. CBS reports that Chicago Public Schools will Mandate Sexual, Health Education for Kindergarten. In addition to teaching children the correct names for body parts, which they already know, the curriculum will include “…different family structures that exist in today’s society.”

Two daddies, two mommies, female daddy, male mommy, two male mommies, etc. Under the new rules, the boy in the clip above would have been corrected for confusing anatomy with identity.

A few years ago I would have been disgusted by these new interpretations of sex and family structure. Now, I decided I don’t care. I am a sexual libertarian. Everyone can do whatever they want, and the government should let a man be listed as mother.

Transgenderism is the hip new trend; everyone is doing it. Cisgenderism is so yesterday.