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New York Times: U.S. to Work Through U.N. on Syria Arms Proposal

The United States will begin working with its allies at the United Nations to explore the viability of a Russian plan to avert military action against Syria by having the international community take control of the Syrian chemical weapons stockpile, a senior White House official said on Tuesday.

Seizing Assad’s chemical weapons is an absolutely useless gesture, and Putin knows it. The ingredients of sarin gas: carbon, hydrogen, fluorine, oxygen, phosphorous. These ingredients are abundant and easy to obtain. Sarin is not very stable and decomposes into nontoxic compounds in a few months, which means that Syrian chemists have been making it regularly.

Putin and Assad know that Russia’s plan is designed to embarrass the United States. This is why news of the chemical attack seeped into the international news media only after Barack Obama announced that he would not tolerate chemical weapons. Assad is taunting Obama. This makes Assad look strong in Syria, and makes Obama look weak on the world stage.