College athletes

CNN: Some college athletes play like adults, read like 5th-graders

Why should we care about the academic qualifications of these athletes? Universities should admit athletes as athletes and drop any pretense of these players as students. If we want to pretend that these athletes are students, give them a degree in their sport. We could call the new degree a BG, Bachelor of Game. Students could then earn a Bachelor of Game in Basketball, or Bachelor of Game in Football.


Mile High price


Telegraph: Price of cannabis doubles in Colorado doubles in days following legalisation

The libertarians were wrong. Legal weed is more expensive than illegal weed. The article suggests that prices will come down as more shops open.

The high prices mean that jobless junkies will still buy their weed from illegal sources.

The Cancer Gap


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New York Times: Tackling a Racial Gap in Breast Cancer Survival

“Despite 20 years of pink ribbon awareness campaigns and numerous advances in medical treatment that have sharply improved survival rates for women with breast cancer in the United States, the vast majority of those gains have largely bypassed black women.”

“Even among women with Medicare coverage, black women were significantly less likely than white women to have seen a primary care doctor in the six to 18 months before diagnosis…”

This is why ObamaCare will not reduce any gaps in health outcomes. Even with insurance, black people are less likely to take care of their health. They have not been taught, and cannot intuit, that prevention and early detection are preferable to treatment of an advanced disease. If we want to improve the survival rate of black women with cancer, we will need to to develop an outreach program begging black women to get tested. We should do this because the public will bear the costs if we ignore this problem.

Random thoughts


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The PISA results show that students in the United States are at the OECD average, and this is portrayed by the media as being bad. I think being at the average is good; I expected the United States to be much worse. The USA is a large diverse country, and comparisons with Finland and Singapore are unfair.


A lesbian waitress got attention and money for receiving a “hateful” message on a receipt, and we learn that the receipt was fake. A mother in Massachusetts wrote a racist message on her own house, and her son’s school blamed the football team and canceled the team’s remaining games. Why the hoaxes? Are they looking for sympathy?


Crappy or otherwise, ObamaCare is permanent. We will have to adjust to this reality as best as we can.


No criticism of Nelson Mandela will be tolerated. He will be made a saint. Anyone who criticizes him will be demonized as a racist. For the record, I like Nelson Mandela – and I disagree with his Communist ideology. I know how to respect people who have opinions that differ from mine. I think Mandela’s idea of a South Africa in which all racial groups achieve the same level of economic prosperity is very far off; it might not be possible.


Nothing we can do


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New York Times: Poor Black and Hispanic Men Are the Face of H.I.V.

Everything bad affects poor Black and Hispanic men disproportionately. Incredibly, the NYT says this: “Nationally, when only men under 25 infected through gay sex are counted, 80 percent are black or Hispanic — even though they engage in less high-risk behavior than their white peers.” [Emphasis added]

Absolute bullshit – they live dangerous lives and they suffer for it. They do not have the ability to think about the long-term consequences of their behavior and they get diseases.

And they are poor. Treatments for diseases are expensive. We have to pay for their foolish and irresponsible behavior.

Near the beginning of the article:

“Giselle, a homeless 23-year-old transgender woman with cafe-au-lait skin, could be called the new face of the epidemic.

‘I tested positive about a year ago,’ said Giselle, who was born male but now has a girlish hair spout, wears a T-shirt tight across a feminine chest and identifies herself as a woman. ‘I don’t know how, exactly. I was homeless. I was escorting. I’ve been raped.’

‘Yes, I use condoms,’ she added. ‘But I’m not going to lie. I slip sometimes. Trust me — everyone here who says, ‘I always use condoms’? They don’t always.'”

An HIV positive black transgender “woman” with a penis continues to have sex without a condom, and that is your fault. You, dear taxpayer, have not done enough to reach this group. “Critics say little is being done to save this group, and none of it with any great urgency.”

What are we supposed to do?

We will have to spend more public money to find a cure, and then spend more public money giving the cure to the infected poor people free of charge. We will have to do this forever. But no, even finding a cure and providing it free will not work. They don’t take the anti-viral medications already available.

“According to the C.D.C., 79 percent of H.I.V.-infected black men who have sex with men and 74 percent of Hispanics are not ‘virally suppressed,’ meaning they can transmit the infection, either because they are not yet on antiretroviral drugs or are not taking them daily.

Giselle admitted to sometimes skipping days. ‘The medicine gets you sick,’ she said. ‘It messes up your mental state. Or it can be freezing and I’m sweating.’

Missed doses let the virus rebound, sometimes in drug-resistant strains, experts said.”

Again I ask, what are we supposed to do? We can’t kill them, we can’t quarantine them, we can’t educate them, and we can’t treat them.

Diversity over Safety



New York Times: For New York City Fire Department, More Diversity Amidst Tension

Remember, Judge Gaurufis said any applicant who scored 25% on a multiple choice test (with four options per question) should be hired. That little fact was not mentioned in the article.

If I had failed the firefighter entrance exam, I would be embarrassed. The test is ridiculously easy. I would expect anyone in fifth grade to pass it.

Sample Firefighter Test